🚀 FEBRUARY 13TH - MARCH 6TH, 2023🚀

Are you consistently closing deals, but don't know how to grow your business to scale? Looking to hire an assistant, VA, ISA, Cold Caller or even a video editor but don't know where to begin?

GET READY TO TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO A STAGE YOU HAVEN'T SEEN BEFORE! This is what's happening during this 4 Week Agent Intensive:

⚡️Automation and Systems

⚡️ Outsourcing and Starting a Team

⚡️Putting Money BACK into Your Business

⚡️Hotseat Opportunity to Analyze Your Current Business



Time to Grow!

⚡️VIRTUAL Training - Starts February 13th - March 6th, 2023

⚡️Weekly LIVE training calls via Zoom on Tuesdays 3PM -4PM EST

⚡️Private group exclusively for this program where you can ask question outside of our weekly training calls

⚡️Instant access to Loida's EMPWRD Agent Network and additional monthly trainings you can take part in even AFTER the intensive is over

⚡️All training will be recorded and you will have lifetime access to them!

⚡️LIMITED seats as I will be giving personal one-on-one type of attention

Who Is This 4 Week Agent Intensive Right For?

This program was created for agents who...

  • Are starting to pick up momentum in their business and want to take it to the next level

  • Are consistently closing 1-3 deals a month

  • Currently a solo agent (or part o a team but feels solo) and ready to start scaling

  • Want a stable, solid framework they can build a long-term business on

  • Need help with systems, automations and SOPs (standard operating procedures)

  • Have leads slipping through the cracks

  • Are ready to start putting money back into their business but don't know where to start

  • Are willing to put in the work to implement these strategies and be held accountable

This course is NOT for you if...

  • You are a NEW real estate agent. If you're new, get started with my New Agent Bootcamp.

  • You don't have plans of leveraging and growing your business to create more income for yourself

  • You'd rather spend years developing your own path than get support to fast-track your success

  • You’re convinced you already know everything there is to know about being a successful real estate agent

  • You’re looking for an easy button. These strategies make success straightforward, but you have to be willing to show up for your own success!

  • You want everything for free


Successful, Scalable, & Highly Profitable Careers...

Without the Learning Curve or Burnout!

You're ready to start scaling and possibly growing a team if only you had the right systems and guidance to help

I get it! It's exciting to see your bank account continue to grow, people calling you either buy or sell, you've gained some momentum but you also feel like a chicken with it's head cut off and overwhelmed at everything you have to do!

You are a one man show that handles both buyers and sellers and buyers are eating up all your time

You have leads slipping through the cracks because your systems and automations are not set up

You are doing all the transaction paperwork, marketing, social media and more but nothing is getting done at a high level

You have money you want to reinvest in your business but don't know where to even begin

And the entire process of outsourcing and delegating makes your head spin so you're doing everything yourself!

You know there's real FREEDOM, MONEY, & SUCCESS to be uncovered in the real estate world.

But right now, you don't even understand the ins and outs of how to get started in real estate--much less how to grow and scale a successful real estate business.


Successful, Scalable, & Highly Profitable Careers...

Without the Learning Curve or Burnout!

Not-So-Fun-Fact: Did you know most new real estate agents fail within their first two years?

Whether you're just starting the process of getting your license or you've made you first few deals and are ready to grow--trying to find your footing in the real estate world can be tough!

You don't know where to turn for buyer and seller leads. How do other agents stay so busy?

You never know what to say to prospects. Every phone call is painfully awkward and you’re always afraid of putting your foot in your mouth.

Speaking of not knowing what to say—you don’t know how to prepare for listing appointments either!

Cold calling and door knocking feel terrifying, and you have no idea where they even work or not.

And the entire process of prospecting makes your head spin!

Imagine being able to...

  • Not feel like you have to work 24/7

  • Be able to delegate and automate tasks so that your systems are working for you

  • Put money back into your business so that you can generate more leads and be known within your community

  • Wake up knowing exactly what you need to do each day to get results

  • Consistently great an amazing income, without having to work around the clock

  • Be able to go on vacation and ACTUALLY enjoy your time there

...All without the wasted time, wasted energy, tears, stress, & guess work!

  • Become a top-producing agent in your market
  • Create a steady flow of incoming buyers & seller leads
  • Confidently take charge of calls with prospects
  • Know exactly what to say in any meeting
  • Easily handle objections & close deals
  • Leverage the power of social media with video strategies that grow your business
  • Wake up knowing exactly what you need to do each day to get results
  • Consistently great an amazing income, without having to work around the clock

...All without the wasted time, wasted energy, tears, stress, & guess work!

“I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in becoming a real estate agent—even those with a little bit of experience under their belt. Loida is a fabulous realtor and truly cares about her students!”

- Braulio H.

“I felt completely overwhelmed at the start. Now, I’m much more confident. Thank you, Loida!”

- Anna F.

Becoming a top-earning real estate agent isn’t just possible—with the right guidance & mentorship, there’s actually a pretty direct path to the top.

Scaling your business can be scary… But you aren’t in this alone!

I created this 4 week program to share the exact framework that I've used in building my real estate business.

If you’re sick of feeling confused and ready to get the support you need to start & grow a successful business as a top-performing real estate agent—this program breaks down the whole process every session with exclusive mentorship by me.


“This information is priceless. Loida is full of knowledge in this field and I feel lucky I was able to learn from her. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is in the real estate business, whether new or seasoned. Thank you Loida”

- Andrea G.

“I strongly recommend this program for anyone who’s in real estate full time & wants to be a top producer. It could cost 3x as much and it would still be worth it.”

- Erick T.

“I learned more through 4 weeks with this program than I have in the entire time I’ve been licensed.”

- Alexandra

Still Have Questions? I have Answers!

This course is for agents that have established a consisten business. If you are new, definitely join the New Agent Bootcamp!

That depends—are you happy with where you are in your business? If you’re struggling to figure out how to scale whether that means leveraging your business, building a team, getting organized with your systems, then this course will help!

ABSOLUTELY! Your licensure program probably skated through the basics. This program takes you on an in-depth, step-by-step journey to running a profitable, successful business as a real estate agent.

I'm an experienced, successful real estate agent that has trained over 400 agents in their real estate journey in the last 2 years. I am also a regional team leader with Team BC at Real Broker and help lead a team of 20 agents nationwife. Want a taste of my teaching style? You can also check out my YouTube channel of more than 80k followers right here—I’ve been teaching people how to be successful with real estate for years!

Sorry—due to the digital/instant access nature of this program, we aren’t able to offer refunds. However, you do have lifetime access to our private Facebook community, so if you need extra support or have questions, you’re always welcome to post in the group!

Copyright © 2022 Loida Velasquez - Real Estate Agent | All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2022 Loida Velasquez - Real Estate Agent | All Rights Reserved